sábado, 24 de março de 2012

Worgen Illustration

Long time no posting, unfortunately, I've been pretty busy on studio I work full time (vesta gaming), 
but on last week, I was back to work after lunch time talking with my friend Paulo Italo, 
and then we pass by a game store and decide to buy a Buster of Word of Warcraft Trading Card Game. 
I realize that would be a great source of inspiration and decide to make (or try) a piece of work with the same quality, I hope when I get the 10th illustration it could be much fast and better than this first one!
For this artwork I make a "step-by-step" to show how I did this study, it was the first time I did something from grayscale value and put all color in the end, color and some details to tell the truth...

Hope you like it!