quinta-feira, 18 de julho de 2013

She Warrior! (Yes, I'm alive!)

After several years I'm back to the freelancers and I'm feeling more confident than when I started without the experience that I've got through those almost 6 years as a employee.
If I would have to do something different, I would DO NOT spend all my time on projects that you are paid for it only, after all, you are just a piece in all whole process, and in the end, the project that you put all your strength it's not really your, I know, I know how it's hard work all day long in a company and after that, you start another journey, building a portifolio or trying to make an extra money in a freelancer job, but... I mean... that carreer that we artists choose to live it's not fair (most of the time) or easy if you really want to succeed. In the end what really matter is been prepared to the next day! So, is time to stop whining and put something in this blog... Hope you guys enjoy it!